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  1. Are Microwave Packaging's products eco friendly?
    Yes, our products are made from paper which is certified Recyclable, Reusable and Renewable source of raw material. Furthermore, the paper we used are from recycled forestations (FSC certified).

  2. What are the advantages of using paper containers for my business?
      → Generally, our products cost less than $0.20 each. And in Singapore, consumers are charged at $0.20 for each take-away container. Thus, vendors make a little profit from each sale.

      → More Eco friendly image
      → Beautiful graphics and messages

      → Paper is natural insulator, like wood, retains temperature, food remain hot / cold longer.

  3. Are Microwave Packaging's products made in Singapore?
    Yes. The commonly used products are made locally, while those less commonly used are imported from Taiwan.

  4. Why is it better to buy from Microwave Packaging, rather than importing?
    There are pro and cons.
    Imported ones needs higher order quantity and take a longer time for production and delivery. Quality aspects may be an issue; both before production and after deliveries.

    Made in Singapore ones are more affordable as the MOQ is only 5,000, (less up front financial constrain, storage & logistic cost). Instant ordering with deliveries in about 7 to 10 working days, piece of mind with quality inspection before, during and after are available.

  5. Who are Microwave Packaging's agents and why is it better to buy from them?
    Microwave Packaging does not provide warehousing and delivery services. Our business model is B2B; working closely with wholesalers of disposal products. Tested over 3+ years, such arrangements have proven success with various advantages.
      → Customers orders at a larger quantity to enjoy our Quantity Order Discounts (QOD).
      → Our agents take care of customer's warehousing and delivery issues- delivery to outlets at no extra cost.
      → Enjoying 'Customers can enjoy a "One Stop Shop" of a wide range of products.

  6. Why are Microwave Packaging's product taxes free?
    Only 'MiS' Made in Singapore products are Tax Free to countries with AFTA and FTA agreement with Singapore. Please refer to IE Singapore.

  7. How to close the box correctly?

  8. What are the ventilators for?

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