Microwave "Fresh" Technology

Microwave Fresh Technology also known as Technology. This is a patented cooking technology that enables food, when regenerated inside the microwave oven, are being cooked by 2 energies at the same time. Steam & Microwave. Enabling food to turn out "As Good As Original" - like just being served from the kitchen. Moist and Juicy.

This technology works by entrapping the emitted steam and effectively distributing within box. Achieving it's famous 3 points Cooking phenomena.

From the illustration below:- emitted steam moisturises and steam cooks from the outside, while microwave cooks from the inside.

A unique and innovative 3 points Cooking technology:

While heating inside the microwave oven -

  1. COOK FROM INSIDE OUT: while the Microwave energy heats up the food from the inside and gradually dispersing outwards -cooking from inside out. A Second cooking energy has evolved......

  2. COOK FROM OUTSIDE IN: the evaporated Hot Steam! being trapped by it's closed cover, revolves within the internal sphere, actually moisturises and steam cooks the food from all around the outer perimeter, gradually penetrating inwards - cooking from outside in.

  3. COOK FASTER, TASTE BETTER: The co-operation of (cook from inside out by microwave) + (cook from outside in by Steam) minimise dehydration OR over-cooking. Thus eliminating the Hypothesis, the fear & apprehension that Microwaved food never taste good. It is always Dry and Stale.

With this technology, instant and convenient meals that is as good as eating in a restaurant can be prepared at Home/Office anytime whenever a microwave oven is available.

What's more, TicTob HealthyPack is designed with safety handling so that it can be taken out from the microwave oven safely.

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