Other than HealthyPack that is designed, patented and manufactured in Singapore

Introducing, 2013’s latest, 2+1 & 3+1 compartments..

2+1 compartments. Ratio : 33:33:34%

3 +1 compartments. Ratio 40:60

100% leak proof, spill proof, keep warm with stacking stregth > 40 kg
Designed & manufacturered in Singapore, patented in various countries around the world.
Winner of several national and international awards.

Several National and International Awards. Patented world wide

Using ONLY ONE packaging that serves through the entire Food Chain.

Soupèr bowl with Soupèr insulator is the latest in Cup Bowl technology. Retaining temperature Hot or Cold for at extended time.

ONEdè Cup "wonder cup" is one of the cutest designs BUT unfortunately have stopped production due to poor market response. Anchor customer required to have it revived.

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