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Jumbo Bucket

'MiT' Made in Taiwan

Terms and Condition :

  1. Material FDA compliance of assorted origin (China, Taiwan & otrs)
  2. Production time about 7 weeks (to be advised)
  3. Quality assurance by Taiwan factory.
  4. Sample printing – printed on art paper using computer printer – One time only.
  5. Tax exemption to FTA countries – Not Available.


Pop Corn

Size / Volumn Minimum Order Quantity Specifications
Top Bottom Height
32oz 25,000 66mm,52mm,62mm
46oz 95mm,80mm,45mm
64oz 86.5mm,74mm,49.5mm
85oz 86.5mm,74mm,49.5mm
130oz 190mm,145mm,210mm
170oz 227mm,160mm,210mm

Fried Chicken Bucket

Bucket & Paper Lids # MOQ Specifications
Top, Bottom, Height
85oz Chicken Bucket
Paper Lids 85oz Blank
85oz Print
1 25,000 187mm,145mm,146mm
2 187diameter
130oz Chicken Bucket
Paper Lids 170oz Blank
170oz Print
4 217mm,162mm,172mm
5 217 diameter
170oz Chicken Bucket
Paper Lids 170oz Blank
170oz Print
7 227mm,162mm,210mm
8 227 diameter
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